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"...Another very action-packed comic mystery." 
     -- BOOKLIST

 Southern Peril

While trying to keep her zany father and his poker buddies out of trouble, and exploring unfamiliar territory with her steamy business partner-turned-lover, Jersey stays on the case in her historic hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Third in the
Jersey Barnes Series,

available now!

Savvy security specialist Jersey Barnes assures everyone that she has retired for good this time—she had a party with a three-layer cake and champagne toasts to prove it.  But when a judge calls in a favor, the former field-trained government agent agrees to figure out what secrets might be putting the judge's brother, Morgan, in danger.  His car searched, his apartment burglarized, and it appears as though somebody is watching his every move.

Not one to overreact, Morgan dismisses the judge's attempt to help him as an over-protective big sister's paranoia.   He just wants to succeed in his new business venture, Argos.  Wilmington's most hip restaurant, Argos guest list is legendary.  When Morgan's father died, the eatery was left solely to Morgan.  Despite his lack of experience in the food industry, the introverted bachelor is determined to keep his father's legacy alive. 


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Second in the Jersey Barnes mystery series

Southern PoisionSouthern Poision ...Men from her past keep reappearing in her life, and hard-hitting security specialist Jersey Barnes can't seem to enjoy early retirement. This time, it's her former handler Ashton, back from when she worked for the government. There has been some high frequency chatter targeting the Sunny Point Ammunitions Depot and they want Jersey to be a set of eyes and ears by serving breakfast from the 'roach coach' --a mobile food vending cart.



First in the Jersey Barnes mystery series

Southern Fatality In PaperbackSouthern Fatality...Immerse yourself in the magical port city atmosphere of Wilmington, North Carolina and visit The Block-- a historic building situated on the Cape Fear River that serves as a grill and pub downstairs and cozy living quarters upstairs.  But don't get too comfortable, because when the sexy and hard-hitting security specialist Jersey Barnes stumbles into a scheme that will steal millions of dollars from American taxpayers, you'll want to go along for the ride! 



Sweet Home CarolinaSweet Home Carolina...Jaxie Parker's life in Atlanta's fast lane comes to a screeching halt when she finds herself put in charge of a pro bono project to revitalize a small, economically depressed coastal town. Just when she decides that a coworker is horribly boring and Rumton, South Carolina is dreadfully uneventful… things heat up pretty quick. The sleepy town witnesses a murder, draws a seemingly benevolent land developer, and is home to plenty of spicy pirate lore!

Fool Me OnceCheck out T. Lynn Ocean's first book Fool Me Once...Professional mediator Carly Stone returns to her hometown of historic Charleston, South Carolina, only to discover that everything has changed in the past year. Her wacky grandmother has moved into the family home, her celebrity sister shows up toting three kids and a growling poodle, and a land developer is erecting a building supply superstore that will surely force her Mamma and Daddy’s business to shut down. To complicate matters, she is outrageously attracted to a stranger when she should be figuring out how to save her marriage.




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