T Lynn Ocean
T Lynn Ocean
T Lynn Ocean

"T. Lynn makes the South sizzle!" – Mary Alice Monroe

"T. Lynn Ocean is the South’s answer to Janet Evanovich." – Karin Gillespie

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Choosing Charleston

Fleeing a lousy husband and chaotic northern life, Carly Stone needs to get out of town. Craving a major dose of her mamma's famous cooking and her daddy's upbeat life lessons, she heads to historic Charleston, SC.

While she's welcomed home with wide-open arms, she's shocked to find that things are much different than when she left a year ago. For starters, a land developer is erecting a building supply superstore that will surely put her family's small business out of business. Her wacky grandmother has moved in and keeps confusing her with her famous twin sister, Jenny. And to complicate matters, Carly is outrageously attracted to a construction worker when she should be figuring out how to save her marriage.

"A must read for anyone who enjoys mystery, laughter and a good love story." – SC Woman magazine

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A word from the Author:

T. LynnI write to entertain. I don't want to make you cry, or ponder the purpose of life, or even make you think too hard to follow a plot! Probably, that's because I write the same type of stories that I like to read—escapist stuff with feel-good endings. That means humor and action and mystery, and of course, what book would be complete without a little steamy romance? Please enjoy, and thanks for reading. I appreciate you all.

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